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Through our approved partners we can provide CCTV from single camera and covert systems to IP networked, fully controlled multi-site transmission systems. This can include digital storage, video transmission technology, network communications, ANPR and facial recognition.

The CCTV system can often be used in conjunction with a remote monitoring centre, offering our clients remote guard tours and reactive site searches, without the need for on site personnel.

A professionally installed security CCTV system greatly reduces the crime level in and around premises and also provides an accurate record of events.

Intruder Alarms

Our approved partners are fully qualified to provide Intruder Alarms ranging from single site alarm system through to multi site applications.

A professionally installed and maintained Intruder alarm system will not only give you confidence in your site security, but gives the added assurance that the police will attend if your alarm is activated.

We carry out a full survey of your premises and assess your specific requirements before designing a bespoke solution utilising the very latest systems and technology.

Alarm Receiving Centre
The installed system can be constantly monitored via an Alarm Receiving Centre for Police and Key holder response using tried and tested methods such as Digital monitoring, DualCOM or RedCARE communication.

These are proven methods of transmission for Intruder alarm signals and can be a requirement of Insurance Companies.

We use the latest technology to remotely service your alarm system. There is often no need for an engineer to visit site and adjustments can be made to your system from our service centre.


Security Lighting

A key deterrent against property crime is with the use of simple security lighting. Burglars rely on unlit environments to carry out their crime. Installing one of our motion sensor security lights is often all that is needed to move the Burglar on.


Security Beams

A big advance in perimeter protection as it gives you advanced warning - as opposed to a conventional house alarm, which triggers after an intruder has already entered the house or premises. These can be integrated into our Intruder Alarms or installed as a separate warning system and deterrent for a small amount of money compared to the cost of losing your possessions



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